ibidPREP custom designs courses and programs to fit our students. Our approach is based on teaching students how to think better and how to manage time and stress.
We are devoted to grounding our students in the fundamentals of all subjects they face. More often than not we fill educational and confidence gaps that have needlessly impeded our students. We do not, however, fill our students' heads with meaningless tricks. Instead, at ibidPREP, we provide students with time-tested strategies that serve them well beyond the task at hand.
Our founder and lead tutor, Stuart Servetar, has been working with young minds since the late 80’s and grasps the ins and outs of their thought processes with clarity. He creates our coursework and syllabuses, and oversees all our work with students whether that work is collective or one on one. 

Our Approach

ibidPREP begins by consulting with students and parents to establish realistic but challenging goals. We then determine the best way to achieve those goals and set a calendar of tutoring sessions and proctored practice tests as needed to achieve those goals. Once tutoring is underway, parents are kept informed by email and phone. Consistent and reliable communication minimizes the chance of a missed assignment or missed opportunity.

ibidPREP deals with the total student. We evaluate students based not on premature and often incorrect school and test assessments, but rather on our own highly effective and perceptive methods. We know that some students do not live up to their potential in school; we try to identify them and set goals that reflect their actual abilities. We know kids’ minds.

ibidPREP sees to it that students are grounded in the basics that are vital both as the foundation of a good education and the fundamental core of most standardized tests.

ibidPREP believes that beyond tricks and tips, the most essential basics to teach are:

  • learning to think properly
  • knowing your material
  • making good decisions regarding time, guessing and omitting
  • maintaining poise at all times.

ibidPREP does not allow students to see themselves as victims. Students are taught instead to know the contours of their own minds and the shape of the tests and topics before them.

ibidPREP takes full responsibility for its students. Our students are cared for every step of the way—from their first academic and standardized exam to the final upload on the common application.

ibidPREP prepares students in the following areas:

  • ELA & NYS Math Tests Grades 3-8
  • Delta, Anderson, Hunter, CSS & other Middle School Entrance Exams
  • ISEEs & SSATs 
  • Hunter College High School Entrance Exam
  • SHSATs
  • PSATs
  • SATs 
  • ACTs
  • SAT Subject Tests
  • Advancement Placement Tests (APs)
  • All Academics
  • Middle School, High School, and College Admissions
  • Personal Statements & Supplemental Essays
  • GREs, MCATs & LSATs
  • Writing of all kinds
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