Why ibidPREP?

Is it because we're smarter and better looking that the rest? Sure, but that's not all! We're also taller and snappier dressers. And rooted in our community and our city. And because our founder has been tutoring for over 20 years. And because we write and design most of our materials. But mostly because we're dedicated to improving our students' minds for as long as we have them and beyond.

Why do you call yourselves ibidPREP?

ibid is an abbreviation of the Latin word ibidem which means "in the same place." It is generally used in bibliographies to mean "see back to the previous citation." We use the term to mean, "look back to what you have already learned." Or should have learned. Or, oops, never did learn, so you might as well learn it now.

Why Remain Clam?

Under stress, we all tend to become a little bit dyslexic: left becomes right, up becomes down, x becomes y, AND "calm" becomes "clam." Also, when we're stressed out, we tend to rush and miss things; you'd be amazed how long it takes some people to realize that our title is NOT Remain Calm!

With that in mind, a good portion of our test taking approach is founded on the idea of learning to manage time, stress and anxiety. We teach our students by all means necessary to Remain Clam!!

I want to sign up my student for a class, how do I register?

That's one's easy! You may go to our Shop or just click Register at the upper right corner of any page!

How do we pay?

By Paypal, check or a credit card can be processed over the phone. 

How do I login to the online materials?

Once you register, you will receive an email that gives you some basic info on ibidPREP's operations. Your specific user name and password will be included in that email.

How do I view my student test scores?

Just go to Login, then enter the user name and password included in the Registration email. 

How do I reset my password?

Once you've logged in, seek "Set Password," there the password can be reset to 'WeLoveibidPREP'

What are your tutors' credentials?

We choose educators from all walks of life. Most of our tutors are at least a few years out of college and have advanced degrees or are working towards them. All our tutors are directly selected by Stuart Servetar and trained and supported by him. Our specialists generally have at least a major in their respective subjects. Our general tutors are well-rounded individuals equally able to break down verbal and math sections of tests.

What are your rates?

Our one-on-one rates are posted here and our specific course rates are posted under our Courses tab. 

What subjects do you tutor?

We prep for pretty much every test and subject except maybe Etruscan. See here for more details.

Why do your services cost more than some competitors and less than others?

Everything is relative. ibidPREP is trying to bring great tutoring to a wider range of families than usually benefits from these kinds of services. We're also trying to help families save money by helping their students get into better public schools and position themselves to be more attractive for college scholarships.

However, in order to offer the same high level of private tutoring and academic support that Stuart Servetar has brought to his students individually for the past 20 years, we need to be able to afford to maintain our standards in a VERY expensive town!

What is your policy on refunds and cancellations?

You may cancel a course for a full refund up to one week before the start of the class. There are no refunds offered once a course has begun.

All scheduled one-on-one sessions must be cancelled the day before the scheduled session. Day-of cancellations are charged for in full. So if your student has even the faintest tickle in her throat, give us the head's up the night before, and there's absolutely no problem.

Do you offer makeup classes?


How do consultations/evaluations work?

We welcome all new families to schedule a FREE 15-20 meet and greet with Stuart at our lovely Broadway office or at our new Noth Jersey locale. Stuart meets parents and students, discusses needs and interests and briefly gets to know the new student's mind.

For those interested in a more in-depth evaluation, Stuart is happy to spend an hour with families in order to discuss goals, formulate plans of prep and to work with students directly in order to get a solid glimpse into their processed and needs. These evaluations are billed at Stuart's hourly rate and are followed up by an extensive email report.

Do you accommodate children with learning issues?

Stuart Servetar has worked directly with hundreds of students across the spectrum of learning issues. ibidPREP accommodates them with as little differentiation as possible from "regular" students, but does offer extended time for practice tests. We find that our approach to prep and study works especially well for most L.D. students: we focus on an integral knowledge of basics, clear processes and organized execution of tasks—the best way to deal with any subject for just about any student. 

Do you offer diagnostic tests? If so, how much do they cost?

Proctored practice tests are a big part of what we do to prepare for most standardized tests. A schedule of practice exams is built into all of our courses, and tutors help individual students devise a plan of tests in conjunction with their tutoring sessions.

Proctored exams are included in the cost of classes.
Proctored exams cost $50 each for one-on-one ibid students.
Proctored exams cost $75 each for non-ibid students.
We also offer test packages.

How do proctored tests work?

Proctored tests are offered every Saturday morning at 9am and other days where possible. Students are welcome to test with us whether they are ibid students or not. If you would like to reserve a spot during a regular Saturday 9am testing, you must contact the office by the end of business the preceding Thursday. Spaces are given to ibidPREP students first and all others on a first-come first-served basis.

If you wish to have your student test with us, please go to:

Tests are usually scored and scanned the day of the test, however we cannot guarantee this. Please do not call the office the day of your student's test requesting scores, as this will only slow the grading process.

We do guarantee that tests taken during our regular Saturday seating will be scored, scanned and uploaded by 5pm the following Monday.

How do we schedule a session once we have a tutor?

Once the right tutor has been found for your student, we give you that tutor's contact info, so that you may reach out to them at your convenience. If you need help coordinating a schedule, please contact the office directly, and we will help you hammer out a plan.

Depending on your needs and what works best for your student, our tutors will either come to your home or work with your student at our Broadway or NJ offices.

Do you offer individualized plans of study?

Except for our classes, ALL our courses of study are individualized. Our tutors work directly with you AND Stuart Servetar to work out a plan of prep that works best for your student.

What kind of results do you get?

We offer many types of prep for students from 4th grade through grad school, so it's difficult to quantify our success in a single breath. However, Stuart Servetar has been a private tutor in New York City for over two decades and ibidPREP has been a company since 2007 all by word of mouth, so we must be doing something right! We have only recently begun to advertise and reach out to a larger base, but our classes are already being offered in a dozen schools and cultural centers across the city.

■ Our 4th and 5th Graders consistently place into their choice of middles schools.

■ In 2012 and 2013, we had a 100% percent success rate with the Hunter test down to 20% this year [which is why we're insisting on a minimum of two month's prep for the test going forward].

■ Our SHSAT students, whether through individualized prep or course work, have a 97% percent success record in attaining offers to specialized schools. 92% are admitted to one of their top three schools, and 68% received their top choice last year alone.

■ Our SAT students boast gains averaging 150 points and, in some cases, over 300 points per test.

■ Our ACT students typically gain 5 -10 points on their combined average score.

■ Over the years we have helped students gain entry to every major university and college across the U.S. and all the top high schools in the New York City.