A few years ago Stuart Servetar was profiled in a New York Times Sunday City Section article about the tutoring phenomenon. Read it here!


Over the years I have been fortunate to work with hundreds of great kids from hundreds of great families. Until recently, most of my advertising has been by word of mouth, as pleased parents have been kind enough to mention me to their friends, relations, dentists…

Here's a sampling of some of those words from some of those mouths:

From parent of senior applying to college:

curly quote graphicThank you, again, for all of your work with [my son].We're so glad that he's forged a relationship with you and that you're a model for him. He's found a true mentor in you. You may not realize it, but your personality (at least what you have shown to us and [my son] in this process) is an antidote to many of the stressors that exist for a high school student involved in the NYC college process (including parents)."curly quote graphic

From parent of student currently in college:

curly quote graphicThank you, again, for your part in getting us to this happy ending.  You really made her feel that she could ace those SATs, especially the math.  You should know this:  when we attended the parent-teacher meetings earlier this year, [my daughter]'s math teacher said to us that one of the rewards of being a teacher is discovering a student like [her].  He told us that he couldn't understand why he "didn't know who she was" until 12th grade, and described her as his "diamond in the rough."  Stuart, you mined that diamond!"curly quote graphic

From parent of student currently in college:

curly quote graphicThanks for everything you've done with [our son].  It's a wonderful concept to bring in a non-family adult to push the kid to do what he has to do and remove the conflict from the family arena (not to mention your expertise and experience in this area).  We're counting on you in the home stretch."curly quote graphic

From teacher of student currently in 6th grade:

curly quote graphicFirst, working with a tutor is helping [our son]'s understanding and his confidence. He more solidly grasps concepts and doesn't need so much individual help to get going on his class work. He seems excited by new concepts and processes that we learn in class, and often after class, [he] will approach me to share how it applied to something he did with Stuart. He is making fewer computational errors, and seems to know how to get started by himself on word problems. It sounds and seems like the work they are doing together is solidifying the math foundation for [our son] (which was an important goal for hiring a tutor) and that that is making it easier for [him] to attend in class, to understand new concepts, and to complete his work well. It is obvious that he enjoys his time with Stuart, and I think that it must be a good match! I am really happy with his progress!"curly quote graphic