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How It works—

Most online courses provide internet access to some material and leave students to their own devices. Most students need and deserve more than that.

With ibidPREP's online course, you get:

  • Specific instructions how to follow your online path,  
  • Individualized progress reports, and
  • Email & live support

Furthermore, since the real test is on paper, we send you hard copies of your tests—not virtual copies. You may then either scan and email your answers, take a pic of your answer sheet and email it to us, or mail us a copy of your answer sheet.

Once we've received your answer sheet, we score, scale and upload it to your ibid account along with the answer key. We also send you a personalized email analysis of your results and what you'll need to work on next. Our analyses are based on real tutor feedback, NOT a computer algorithm.

The analyses we send you will address your strengths and weaknesses and make suggestions that will provide you with goals and plans to implement on your next practice test—right through to your actual exam.

All online students are welcome to email questions to ibidPREP anytime prior to their actual test date. Addtionally, all online students may schedule two hours of FaceTime of Skype meetings with an ibidPREP tutor prior to their test. These meetings may be broken up in time increments as the student sees fit.

Rates & Offerings


All ACT Online Students receive:
  • One copy of Remain Clam! Test Taking & the Teenage Mind: ACT Edition
  • Full step-by-step 10 week syllabus
  • 5 Proctored Tests
  • 5 pinpoint, personalized test analyses
  • Online flashcards, timers and additional practice
  • Full-time email support
  • 2 full hours live online tutoring!
ACT Online

All courses are non-refundable once begun.