Admissions Guidance Contact for Private Tutoring and College Guidance

Although the pool of qualified students only seems to grow, the number of great schools remains finite. As the pressures increase, we provide relief. At ibidPREP, we have years of experience in helping students identify schools that suit them and then gain entrance to them. We address families' concerns and plan courses of action for students to attain their top choices. 

Middle & High School

Over the past decade, there has been a surge of enrollment in New York City public schools, even as demand for the elite private schools has remained constant. ibidPREP’s extensive experience deciphering the byzantine application processes of these schools and our familiarity with the idiosyncrasies of private schools make us ideal guides and partners in the application process. Let us counsel you on your choices and strategy.


Applying to college can be difficult for students and their families. In addition to being a complex technical process, applying to college can also be a somewhat complex emotional process. In our college guidance program, we consult directly with parents and students every step of the way to achieve goals and mitigate anxieties. ibidPREP customizes school lists and creates application checklists that include all the necessary websites, forms, applications, supplements, short answers and essays required. We also schedule testing, tours and informational meetings, make calls, and maintain the peace among all parties throughout.

Over and above the technical and emotional support we provide, perhaps our greatest contribution to the college application process is the work we do with students on their essays.  As a published journalist (e.g., Art in America, Esquire, Time Out New York), Stuart knows how to help students find their voices. He helps shape their writing by constantly participating in the editing of however many drafts are necessary to achieve a truly personal statement. Throughout the revision process, ibid shows students how to strip away many of the platitudes and vapid mannerisms their writing may have accrued through high school. Ultimately, students learn how to express themselves in a real and gripping manner that is unique to them.

Please see below for a break-out of the process.


College Guidance includes:

  • ‚ÄčInitial Consultation
    • Parents and student meet with Stuart Servetar to review student’s high school and extracurricular history, standardized test history and preferences and goals for college. Discussion includes scheduling future standardized tests, best prep options, rough college wish list and schedule of college visits and application process. Consult followed up with email outlining details of consultation and laying out schedules and options for family.
  • School Research
    • Based on college wish list, student’s profile and preferences and our own further research, ibid generates synopses of each school with an evaluation of how each fits student’s needs and wants and how student may fit college. List grows and changes as student hones interests and choices. Families are given access to our USNEWS account, so they may do own parallel research.
  • CIE Lists [College Information & Essay Lists]
    • Spreadsheet is generated of schools based on ranking and various stats including test scores and GPAs of most recent incoming class.
    • Prompts for all essays and supplements are collected in punch list and shared as a Google doc. Prompts are also broken out into individual files and shared as Google docs in one folder.
  • Interviews and Campus Visits Facilitation
    • Ibid arranges tours and interviews with schools as needed.
  • Interview Training
    • Stuart walks students through the interview process and prepares them for all college interactions.
  • Parent & Student Follow-up Consultations As Needed
    • Anytime throughout the process, parents and students may avail themselves of further sit-down time with Stuart.
  • Personal Statement & Supplements Revision
    • The writing process begins, usually by end of classes junior year, with initial sit-down with Stuart to plan overall attack and to review all supplements to choose one or two personal statement prompts to focus on. Brainstorming begins here and student is left to produce free-flowing, super-rough first drafts. Part of initial sit-down is used to encourage students to begin to write without worrying about self-censoring or word counts.
    • Writing process continues with Associate Tutor helping student through every piece of writing and suggesting which pieces to use where. Writing is done to a reasonable but strict schedule.
    • As pieces are considered complete, they are submitted to Stuart for final review.
  • Pre-Deadline Assistance
    • When it comes time to submit any application, Associate Tutor sits with student to insure that everything is done properly done before hitting SEND.
  • Wait List Letter Help
    • If needed, Stuart will oversee follow-up letter written to any schools by which students has been waitlisted. Letter from student is intended to support student’s cause with school, update student’s accomplishments since application and underscore student’s desire to attend the college in question.