Stuart and student

Evaluation & Consultations Contact for Appointment


It is highly recommended that families take advantage of Stuart Servetar's experience and knack for grasping students' minds. Families should contact us to book a one hour evaluation before embarking on any course of prep or application process. Most evaluations involve a discussion of the student’s history and goals followed by a brief one-on-one interview. During the evaluation, Stuart lays out test and course prep options and takes some time to work one-on-one with the student. After his time with a student, Stuart is generally able to offer a diagnosis of the student's mind, present prospects, and suggest various courses of action.

Ultimately, Stuart takes inventory of what needs to be accomplished and the best manner in which to accomplish those ends. These evaluations are often highly effective at identifying certain learning patterns. The initial evaluation also offers students a glimpse of what is possible and often encourages and inspires them. The evaluation further gives students a chance to get a glimpse into the prep process and get a feel for the dynamic between tutor and student. Lastly, the evaluation gives Stuart insight that will help him guide the student's prep in whatever form it takes.

Evaluations are followed up with email reports that delineate potential test calendars, an aggressive but realistic set of goals, and a number of potential plans for how best to achieve them.

Evaluations are billed out at Stuart's hourly rate.


New famiies are always welcome to schedule a free 20 minute consulation with Stuart. Consultations offer families a chance to address their prep plans, benefit from Stuart's take on them, and allow them to get a sense of Stuart's working dynamic face to face. Consults are also beneficial for us, as it gives Stuart a  brief sense of the student that will allow him to provide better oversight for any course of prep.