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Our trained and experienced Associate Tutors* can provide students with support for all their schoolwork.
Beginning with Elementary School Students we can intervene to keep students from getting off track with their education. The sooner an effective early learning specialist can step in, the easier it is for students to excel and avoid a difficult ride through their schooling.

As students progress, we are able to offer them support for all manner of subjects. Our staff of tutors has advanced training in many fields: history, humanities, literature, biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, and all languages commonly studied in school.
Our Associate Tutors are also available to work with students on homework, papers and their general workload. We teach students how to work effectively, efficiently and without procrastination.
If students do face problems or challenges along the way, whether as Elementary, Middle School or High School Students, our Associate Tutors will do everything in their power to put things right.

*Stuart Servetar oversees all our Associate Tutors’ work and is also available to work directly with students as time allows.