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Over the years, Stuart Servetar has worked with students at every level of learning disability and test anxiety. Among the many things he has discovered is that almost all students, if only because they're young, need to learn how to use whatever time they are given appropriately. When it comes to standardized tests, some of the most misunderstood notions pertain to time.

Many parents and students come to see extra time as a panacea that will resolve all testing issues. Unfortunately, there are no panaceas. Extra time is not worthwhile and could be counterproductive [more time = longer test = greater fatigue] if you don’t learn how to manage your minutes and marshal your energy. In fact, most students do not make proper use of regular time, let alone extended time.

student studying at ibidprep office Another thing that Stuart has discovered about learning disabilities is that, under conditions of stress and fatigue, everyone displays symptoms of dyslexia. It is normal under conditions of strain for the mind to flip information, dump memory and altogether not function as well as it is able. Allowing those who qualify extra time is one way to reduce stress, but better still is giving students structures that build confidence and alleviate anxieties in concrete and lasting ways. Alleviating anxiety mitigates some of the trauma that exacerbates dyslexia.

At ibidPREP, we train students to handle regular, time and a half, double and unlimited time parameters. We offer proctored practice tests for all these options and instruct students how to make effective decisions while under the clock.

Test Anxiety & Underachieving

In addition to learning issues, many students struggle with test anxieties and underachieving. Both problems, though very different in manifestation, are often borne of the same root and have the same ultimate effects. Students in the grip of test anxiety or who are chronic underachievers frequently find their scores on standardized tests to be well below their abilities. We fight tirelessly to reverse these tendencies. Over the years, ibidPREP has discovered numerous potent solutions and have frequently turned chronic underachievers into inspired students and nervous nellies into confident test takers.