Middle School Test Prep

Despite what the makers of certain tests might tell you, every test can and should be prepared for. Each test has its own language, logic and a certain set of criteria upon which it bases its evaluation. It is important that students learn the logic and structure of the exam before them, if only to know what’s coming.

Despite what most test prep organizations tell you, standardized tests are not out to trickyou. They might go after certain common weaknesses and false assumptions that most students share, but that is why they are called tests. Rather than training students to feel as if they are being tricked and somehow need to learn tricks to protect themselves, we teach students to understand their own minds and avoid common pitfalls. Rather than rail against the test, we rail against sloppy and recalcitrant thinking. It is far easier to change ourselves than change the tests.

Middle school entrance exams are usually the first tests of consequence students face. Learning to navigate these early tests successfully and with a good attitude can go a long way to putting students on the right course through ALL their schooing and beyond.

ibidPREP offers in-school, in-office, one-on-one and custom courses for the following exams:

Common Core Exams
NY State Math &
English Language Arts (ELA) Exams
4th & 5th Grades

--The 4th Grade Test is used as one of the principal criterion for entrance to many public middle schools.
--The 5th Grade Test score is reviewed as a criterion for those wishing to take the Hunter Test for 7th Grade admission.

ibidPREP has had great success and takes great pride in gently steering our younger students to excellent scores on their Common Core exams. We have been honing our materials and syllabuses since the state tests were changed to conform to the the Common Core in 2012. Our courses and coursebooks have been used to great effect in numerous schools, in our in-office classes and with our private students.

4th Grade Prep

ELA & Math Common Core State Test Prep

In addition to our one-on-one work, we now offer four great options for 4th Grade Core Prep.

Group Test Prep—Four Great Options! 

  1. In-school [two semesters]— ibidPREP partners with your school to run weekly classes for two semesters in advance of the State Tests in the spring. Students are grounded in ALL the fundamentals pertinent to the common core and their grade level. Students are also familiarized with the rigors and standards involved in standardized and timed exams.

  2. In-school [one semester]— ibidPREP partners with your school to run weekly or twice weekly classes for one semester in advance of the Common Core State Tests. Students are grounded in ALL the fundamentals pertinent to the common core and their grade level. Students are also familiarized with the rigors and standards involved in standardized and timed exams. Since this is a one semester course, the material and reviews go by a bit faster, and proctored exams occur with greater frequency.  

  3. In-office Winter/Spring Course—this course is held at our 2328 Broadway office. This course begins just after winter break and takes students right to the real test, ready and confident.

  4. In-office Intensive Course—allows your student to dispense with months of time consuming prep. The intensive course is comprised of three sessions of three hours each and two proctored tests.

Students receive flashcards, course binders and access to online materials. Parents and students will have access to student information and test results via ibidprep.com

5th Grade Prep

ELA & Math Common Core State Test Prep

ibidPREP insures that students achieve the scores they need on their 5th Grade Common Core exams in order to qualify to take the Hunter Test in 6th grade. 

The 5th Grade Common Core is prepped one-on-one or in custom groups.

MS54/Delta Test 

Every year, we look forward to helping students gain entry to MS54 Honors Program [formerly known as the Delta program]. All students who wish to apply to MS54 are required to take a brief test at the school sometime from the end of January through mid-February. That test helps determine whether students are admitted to the school, and whether they will be placed in the academic or honors [Delta] programs. ibidPREP has extensive experience preparing students for the MS54/Delta Test. We have used information gathered from the test makers and test takers in order to create our own course of prep and practice exams for the test. We will also be on top of any changes this year as the test expands in length, breadth and weight in the overall admissions process.

We help make sure that students know what to expect from the exam and what is expected from them. A brief course and one-on-one prep are available for this exam.

Hunter Test

This test is administered by Hunter College High School in the beginning of January to all interested 6th graders who scored in the 90th percentile or above on their 5th grade ELAs and NYS Math Tests. It is a three hour test that includes reading, language, math and writing components.

Last year we had over 60% sucess rate with the multiple choice section, and our full acceptance rate was 30%. This year we will be focussing on the essay far more than we have in the past in order to make sure those who are able to clear the multiple choice are able to gain entry overall. We are also adding a writing only Hunter strand for those who can really benefit from the extra focus.


The Anderson School admits very few students into their middle school program, and only a very few students qualify to take the exam. Nonetheless, we have still created our own tests and prep materials for the exam.

Columbia Secondary School

ibidPREP has created its own couse materials and practice tests for the Columbia Secondary School exam. 

ISEEs - Independent School Entrance Exams

A criterion for entrance to most New York City Private Schools, the ISEEs are a difficult test to do very well on because it tests students beyond their grade level. The test requires an elevated vocabulary and the ability to do quantitative comparisons. Further complicating matters, students are scored and curved relative to the very small and high functioning pool of other applicants applying to New York City private schools. Achieving high scores on these tests is a challenge and, for those who take it, the first taste of SAT style exams.

All ISEE prep is supported with proctored practice exams.

SSATs – Secondary School Admission Test

Like the ISEEs, the SSAT is used for admission to private schools, but generally for those outside the New York City area. The SSAT, like the ISEE, contains many of the characteristics of the SAT, including one of its oldest most infamous sections: the analogies. The analogies require a knack for concretely defining words and using our very precise methods to cope with those words you don’t know.

All SSAT prep is supported with proctored practice exams.